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1 Box 3D Natural Shell Flakes Irregular Nail Art Decoration VT202277 - Vettsy

Vettsy™ Poly Nail Extension Gel 32 Colors


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Express your creativity and enjoy DIY nails at home with our polygel kit with dual forms and UV lamp for beginners. Just follow simple steps and create your own personal nails for an amazing result that lasts until 3 weeks.


Item: Vettsy Poly Nail Extension Gel

Volume: 15ml

Gross Weight: About 16.5g

How to use:

1. Start with clean, oil free nails. Lightly buff the surface of nails.

2. Apply a thin layer of base coat, and cure it under LED lamp (It is supposed to be sticky! No need for wipe)

3. Select a suitable shape & size false nail tip for each nail.

4. Squeeze the poly gel out of the tube and using the spatula end of the pen, slice off and roll into the false nail.

5. Take the brush end of the pen and pat the polygel into place for your desired length. *For better consistency, you can use the base coat gel to smooth it out!

6. When finished, stick the false nail onto your real nail and gently press down. Cure under LED lamp.

7. Lift a corner of the false nail tip to pop off and remove.

8. Trim, shape, buff and polish your nails for the desired look.

9. Finish off with top coat and cure under LED lamp.


★Base coat can be used as slip solution, no need to prepare alcohol or nail cleanser. The base coat will make the poly gel adhere to natural nails for longer.

★Poly gel cures with LED lamps. We recommend curing with gel lamp for 2-3 mins, LED lamp for 60-90s. The time needed depends on the thickness of the gel.

★It is important to start with clean, oil free nails to avoid lifting. Clean your cuticles and file your nail surface completely!

★We recommend filling your nails about every two weeks when the new cuticle area grows.

Package Content:

Vettsy™ Poly Nail Extension Gel x 1

32pcs Set Include:

Vettsy™ Poly Nail Extension Gel x 32


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